Spiritual Reflections

God Never Tires of Loving Us

Mercy Works! By Sister Patricia Burkard We are again in another Lenten season — that time of year when we make a serious commitment to renew ourselves. Pope Francis writes that “during Lent, we are invited to listen, believe and embrace the grace God wishes to give us to transform our world.” His words provide [...]

Give Drink to the Thirsty

by Sister Martha Torbik In reflecting on our Lenten theme of “Mercy Works!” I was drawn back to a visit I made at the Gettysburg National Military Park a few years ago. My Licensed Battlefield Guide, Ed Guy, was exceptional, sharing interesting and uncommon information. An example: battle casualties were so massive, and supplies, even [...]

Signs of Hope! – Mercy Works!

Signs of Hope!   By Sister Geraldine Ching  Throughout the gospels, we find stories of how Jesus fed people. According to Scripture, Jesus performed miracles and multiplied food from a few fish and some loaves of bread, and fed thousands of people. Wouldn’t that be wonderful if, during this pandemic—a time of quarantine, a time of limited access [...]

Jesus Enters the Desert

Mk 1  By Marianne Ferguson Jesus must have felt the power of the Spirit very strongly to follow it into the desert. He seems to establish a pattern that He follows all his public life. Jesus often goes to a private place to pray before His preaching or healing. Unfortunately, the Palestinian desert is a most foreboding place with [...]

Mercy Works! Ash Wednesday

This Lent, Give, Don't Give Up Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. The tradition is to “give up” something important to us for the 40 days until Easter as a gesture of sacrifice. The coronavirus pandemic caused us to give up so much during 2020 and these early days of 2021, we suggest [...]

Prayer and Healing

Mk 1 By S. Marianne Ferguson Jesus left the Synagogue with some of the disciples to begin his day of healing and preaching. Entering Peter’s house, He healed his mother-in-law who immediately rose from her sick bed and waited on them. The celebrant of Notre Dame’s Sunday Mass said that the word to describe her [...]