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Building Rural Women’s Resilence

The women living in the slums in and around Timau, Kenya, face huge challenges of survival. Many are breadwinners as elderly and unwell grandmothers, raising their grandchildren, single women raising their children sometimes even carrying their babies to work, and young girls raising their own children or their younger siblings trying to get enough food [...]

Education has a new look during Covid19 for S. Rita Marie

After last semester’s online education program, students, teachers and staff of All Saints Catholic Academy in Bayonne, New Jersey are back in the classroom. Principal S. Rita Marie Fritzen says they started the school year with “most of the students back in school.” They are taking precautions, including temperature scanners at the entrance door, teachers [...]

Eternity’s Realtor

Franciscan Spirit - Summer 2020 Sister Alice Gilabert spends a lot of time thinking about where people will spend eternity. Sister ministers as the secretary for St. Aloysius parish cemetery in western New York. There she is responsible for everything related to burial, from working with funeral homes to arranging for the grave to be [...]

Helping Adults Become CATHOLIC

Franciscan Spirit Summer 2020 Sister Barbara Ann Bogden says candidates should not become Catholic just because a spouse or fiancé is, but because the individual wants to do for himself. In the 20 years she has been directing RCIA for two parishes in western New York, she finds people’s reasons for becoming Catholic vary by [...]

A Glance at Creation from my Window

By Sister Marise May OSF For those familiar with Franciscan Villa in Syracuse, our rooms each have a “box window”— two windows in the middle and one on each side. My chair is turned toward the window where I have a view of a beautiful grove of trees. The window sill is my “prayer table,” and the view [...]

The Heavens are Telling the Glory of God

By Sister Emeline Schneider, OSF  The heavens are telling the glory of God with the changing colors and constant formation of the clouds.  It is especially awesome at the approach of a storm to watch the trees bending, but not breaking (my lesson to bend and never to snap when troubles approach.)  The firmament shows the work of His [...]