> Building a Home, Inspiring Hope in Africa

Building a Home, Inspiring Hope in Africa


Thanks to the ongoing generosity of a wonderful couple in Syracuse, New York, a needy family in Timau, Africa will soon have a new place to call home.

The donors, who chose to remain anonymous, gave enough money to build a home for a family in need in the town where Sister Joanne Gangloff serves in ministry. “There was great joy in the kingdom today when they learned they were to be the lucky recipients of a house,” said Sister Joanne Gangloff, principal of St. Clare Technical School and St. Elizabeth School in Timau. “We have already begun building the home!”

Presently, Evangeline and her 11 children and grandchildren are crammed into a 16’ x 18’ makeshift structure that they call home. Not only are several of the walls crumbling, but the metal sheets that make up the home absorb heat and so it is almost impossible to stay inside during the hot times of the day. In addition, when it rains water goes under the house and their floors turn into mud.

The family has no sustainable source of income, only the casual jobs Evangeline’s children are able to occasionally find, like working at a neighbor’s farm for less than three dollars a day. This generous gift of money from a family halfway around the world will be life changing, and will go a long way towards restoring dignity to Evangeline and her family.

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