> Baptism of Jesus

Baptism of Jesus


Mk 1:17-11

By S. Marianne Ferguson

After pondering the religious experience of Jesus, one is led to a greater appreciation of our gift of baptism. When we hear the words “This is my Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased,” we realize that we too are God’s Beloved daughters and sons. We too, are called into this graced relationship with God and can be prepared to hear the words of acceptance and pleasure from our Creator.

We too are God’s Beloved Daughters with whom He is well pleased. It is consoling to know that God refers to us in such an intimate manner. As His Beloved Children we are heirs to His kingdom along with Jesus who showed us the way. When God called us into this graced relationship with Him at our Baptism, that relationship is permanent on His part, no matter what we do or neglect to do. When we are in relationship with other humans, either one of us can weaken or end it, but God is always faithful.

All we can do is ask God to make us worthy of this graced relationship given to us at our Baptism. We can ask to show our appreciation for the gift in the way we treat others. We can see so often the manifestation of this gift in the attitude and behavior of everyone we meet. But most importantly, we can work to strengthen our relationship with God by interacting with Him in prayer.