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Back Yard Beauty

Backyard A
Sister Marie Blum

By Sisiter Marie Grace Blum

Come rain or come sun, the flowers in the backyard of the 1518 dwelling of the Sisters of St. Francis at Evergreen Avenue in Millvale, Pennsylvania have a particular graceful showing.

A back-drop of eight-foot dark green hedges enhances the glorious gold cosmos blooms. As bees do their endless work of pollinating from one flower to another, one may find a rabbit peeking its curious head from beneath ageratum plants. Fiery red salvia, white asters and marigolds line a border ending at the lavender bush. The yard is at its summer peak!

All is not lost. As the summer flowers bid farewell, the autumn joy bush and butterfly bush show their lovely shades of purple. All is well as Mother Nature begins to draw her glorious summer season to an end. The statue of St. Francis is at home in our flower garden, and is pleased with this complement to our vegetable garden.