> Appearance of Jesus

Appearance of Jesus


Jn. 20:19 

By Sister Marianne Ferguson OSF

We are all blessed with talents and limitations. There are two limitations that none of us can escape, Time and Space. We often complain about lack of time and think of the occasions when we wished we could be in two places at once! Jesus seems to have transcended time and space when He appeared to the disciples through locked doors after His resurrection. 

Jesus seemed to take on these characteristics after He entered Eternity. We wonder if we also will be able to transcend time and space when we join Him. Even now in our limited capacity, we can perceive the presence of God in small events in our lives. It may be in prayer, gazing at nature’s wonders or remembering events shared with loved ones. 

The most obvious experience of God’s transcendent power is in our daily experiences living with the people in our lives. When we encounter the generosity, perseverance, peaceful endurance of suffering, genuine concern for the welfare of others, devotion to the common good and unselfish behavior that transcends all egoism, we know that we are tapping into the transcendent power of God.