> Advent Wreath Brings the Light of Christ to Others

Advent Wreath Brings the Light of Christ to Others


Advent Wreaths remain a visible part of Advent
S. Fran Gangloff

My Mom had the idea to make small Advent wreaths from beads and wire. She made dozens and dozens of them for family and friends. When arthritis prevented her from doing so, I took up the task. I made hundreds of these wreaths to give to the students at the college where I served as the campus minister. As time went on, it grew harder to find the right kind of beads so I no longer make them. When clearing out to move two years ago, I gave the remaining Advent wreaths that I had to the youngest generation of children in our family as mementos of my Mom, their great-grandmother.

Advent Wreath at our Timau Mission
S. Fran Gangloff

At our mission in Timau, Kenya, the electricity goes off often. One time, the only candles we had were the Advent wreath candles. We used them to give ourselves some light. After that experience, I ordered solar lights for the mission and have given them many solar lights since that time. I hope they will always have the Light of Christ in times of darkness.