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Advent Waiting


Advent Waiting

By S. Louise Alff

 We wait for justice to dwell at the core of everyone’s heart.

We wait for the end of violence in our city streets.

We wait for clarity in our doubts and despair.


We wait for the resurrection of those who have died.

We wait for the darkness of despair to give way to the light of hope.

We wait for the joy that is needed to begin each day anew.


We wait for a vaccine that will end the spread of this pandemic.

We wait for the freedom to visit friends and gather with families.

We wait for the hugs and kisses that have stood frozen within us.


God, down through the ages every generation has been waiting. Every generation has its groans and lamentations. You have walked through these shadows before and you will journey with us again. Once more, this Advent, we cry, “Come, Lord Jesus, Come”. Amen.