> Advent Tradition Lights One’s Heart!

Advent Tradition Lights One’s Heart!


By Sister Wilma Kramer, OSF

I taught First Grade many years ago. It was important that the first-grade class learn about the Advent Wreath and the liturgical tradition of lighting the four candles. Of course, with little ones, it was important that each one had a turn to blow out the Advent candle following the Advent prayer.

Years later, the school parish had a special celebration and invited the Sisters who had taught in the past to join them for the celebration. When I arrived, I was greeted by many of my past first-grade students who were now attending high school. The students and I enjoyed conversing adding comments like “You look the same!” After listening several minutes to my students tell their stories, I asked: “And what was your best memory from first grade?” Karen, a past student, immediately responds “Blowing out the candles!” I took a moment to think and then responded “Oh! The Advent candles!”

A child’s simple Advent practice of blowing out a candle after prayer brought a prayerful glow into both Karen’s and my heart!