> Advent Reflection

Advent Reflection


By Sister Ellen McClure, OSF

My memories of Advents past are those of eager anticipation. I join Mary as she prepares to deliver her baby to the world. I can only imagine how excited she is as Jesus kicks and moves around within her body. In truth, in my days as a young nurse, I wanted to be a nurse-midwife. My life would have developed so differently had that dream come true. So, accompanying women in childbirth was a time of miracles for me, but only for a short time.

The same kind of anticipation I sensed in women waiting to deliver, in my mind, is the best way to experience Advent. The prayer says that “We wait in joyful hope” for the coming of the Lord makes up my Advent prayer. I so want changes to take place in me. My faith tells me that the Word of God lives within me, and I pray that I may be sensitive to the movements and inspirations of that Living Word. The quiet of prayer welcomes the Word to bring new life, even to me.

I hope and pray that those who read this blog may experience something of the same anticipation. The Word of God is alive and well. With the Father and the Holy Spirit, that Word desires to celebrate life with us and within us. How good God is!

So, wait in joyful hope that the God who came to life in Mary may also come to life in the hearts of people who desire God’s self-communicating grace.