Day 7

Word of the Day


The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.  John 1:5

Seeing Through the Lens of Faith

In the classic Christmas movie “It’s a Wonderful Life,” protagonist George Bailey believes his life has had no value and in desperation, considers suicide. This has been a difficult year for people throughout the world. The coronavirus, fires, floods, earthquakes and division among the races, religions and genders are raising stress levels and sending people to drugs and alcohol; violent crime, including domestic violence, is on the rise. But rather than think that God has deserted us, research shows that people are finding comfort in their faith and religious beliefs during this time of uncertainty. Among the positive effects of religion are:

Encouraging people to reframe events through a hopeful lens. Positive religious reframing helps people to see a tragedy as an opportunity to grow closer to a higher power or to improve their lives.

Fostering a sense of connectedness. Some people see religion as making them part of something larger than themselves. This can happen through prayer or meditation, or through taking part in religious meetings, listening to spiritual music or even walking outside.

Cultivating connection through rituals. Religious services, traditions and rites of passage can help people acknowledge that something momentous is taking place. These events often mark the beginning of something, as is the case with weddings, or the end of something, as is the case with funerals. They help guide and sustain people through life’s most difficult transitions.

For Reflection

How can you look at life through the lens of God’s love to help you see the positive in the world around you? Can you use your faith to help someone else cope with these difficult times?