Day 10

Word of the Day


We’re suffering from “pandemic fatigue” and we just want the restrictions to be over. When can we get together again? When can we stop wearing masks? When will our lives be back to normal? No one can tell us when.

Waiting isn’t easy — that’s why it’s a virtue! But the Old Testament tells us that waiting with patience has its rewards and that eventually, God gives what is promised. If we truly believe this, we shouldn’t be impatient. Or anxious. Because no matter how difficult or complicated or challenged our lives are right now, we do not face it alone. God is with us. And while he may not give us what we want, he will give us what we need. The proof of that is what arrives at the end of the season of Advent — Christmas, the birth of Jesus, our light out of darkness and our deliverer from death.

Trust in God. Be patient and the promise will be fulfilled.

A Prayer to St. Francis for Patience

From prayers4reparation

From divine grace, by your means, we devoutly implore, O St Francis, the gift of patience in our external evils or internal tribulations, and resignation to the crosses which it pleases the Almighty to send us, and which certainly come for the greater good of our souls.

Wretched we that sometimes ask, and then cannot bear them. Our impatiencences are occasions of sin; your patience exalted you to an eminent sanctity.

Graciously obtain for us from God, who suffered so much for us, from our God whom you did so imitate, that we may begin to suffer in peace for His love, in satisfaction for our sins and the sins of the whole world. Amen.

Practice Patience: The coronavirus pandemic has given us lots opportunities to practice patience — with children, with spouses and with ourselves. Tell yourself and others to “push the patience button” when things are getting hectic — step back, close your eyes and take a deep breath. If your patience button is wearing out, you may need to talk to someone — a professional, a friend, an online chat group of others dealing with the issues you are. It’s good to know you’re not the only one.