> Adapted Prayer of Saint Francis

Adapted Prayer of Saint Francis


In celebration of St. Francis of Assisi and our religious vocation we share this adapted Prayer of St. Francis written by our deceased S. Marie Magdalena, OSF:

Prayer of Saint Francis

Adapted by Sister Marie Magdalena, OSF

Lord, make me a faithful member of our Community:

Where there is hurt, let me bring Healing;

Where there is unhappiness, let me bring Joy;

Where there is loneliness, let me bring Love;

Where there is illness and suffering, let me bring Comfort and Peace.

O Divine Master, grant that I may not ask what others are doing for me

But what I am doing for others;

Not to seek honor and praise,

But to rejoice in the accomplishments of others,

For if one member is honored, all are honored.

To listen with compassion, and not to crush the bruised reed.

For it is in living together as part of the Franciscan Family

That I will be received into Your eternal kingdom.