Actions of the Heart During Lent

6 Actions of the Heart During Lent


Lent – A Time for Fasting


Lent – A Time for Fasting

By S. Marcella Nachreiner

There is a song that Kenny Rogers made popular called “The Gambler.” It’s about the art of playing poker (the art of Lent!) He sings, “Know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em…” about the cards you are dealt. I can see in the lyrics a parallel to some of Jesus’ advice for me: “When you give alms, don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing” (hold ‘em), because my heavenly Father is the only one who needs to know how generous I am. Jesus says something similar about fasting: When you fast, don’t look glum: no one should notice (fold ‘em), only “your Father who sees what is hidden.”

During this Lenten season, I’m going to try to enter more deeply into the reason and meaning of fasting. I’m going to enter into a program of fasting from those things (anger, rash judgment, resentment) that block the free flow of God’s forgiveness, understanding and compassionate love. I’m not only going to turn off my computer, cell phone and TV for some free time, I’m going to use that time to reflect on the many times throughout the day that Jesus has revealed himself to me.


Stations of the Cross


Our Journey



Our Journey – A Prayer
By S. Roberta Smith, OSF

“Rend your hearts, not your garments.”
Joel 2:13

I feel a special stirring deep within me during this Lenten time! If the truth be told, I want — no, I yearn for a more intimate relationship with you, God. Show me the way, your way to you. I place a new and deep trust in you, so I will be transformed. Not outwardly so much, but inwardly. Change my heart, O God, make it like yours. Teach me compassion that leads to loving actions; show me how to do (literally) mercy, so I will be mercy; grant me a kind heart that knows no limit to love. Let me be grace, filled to overflowing so my ego will not interfere with this conversion, this new me! I need not rend my clothing in order to show that I’ve been touched by the Holy One but my heart will be your heart pinned to my sleeve…so all may see and maybe, believe. Thank you, O Holy One, faithful companion and friend as I journey this path called life.  Amen.