> A Reflection on Mercy: The Spirit of Mercy

A Reflection on Mercy: The Spirit of Mercy

Hope Love Rocks

by Sister Marcella Nachreiner

We hold within ourselves an extraordinarily precious gift –our capacity to be merciful. Mercy is a blessing that allows us to make choices, to sense the possibilities open to us. The practice of mercy challenges us to be less judgmental.

Imagine a world without judgment. It would be a world without hatred and division, without alienation and violence. Acceptance, forgiveness, mercy and understanding would be the pillars of our relationships. No enemies would be created, no rejection or belittlement would be extended on the basis of color, gender, religion, or race. Imagine your personal world without judgment.

Forgiveness, tolerance, mercy remind us that the person we see before us is simply ourselves in another form; yearning for the same love, acceptance and openheartedness for which we yearn. If we wish to have mercy in this world, we must be merciful. The power of our mercy can be contagious.

Is it our role to judge others in the world? Perhaps a wiser role is to bring a spirit of love, mercy and understanding alive in the midst of confusion and pain.

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