> A Reflection on Mercy: A Time for Humble Listening

A Reflection on Mercy: A Time for Humble Listening


by Joan Straub, Franciscan Associate

I recently signed up for a class on Lectio Divina. One thing mentioned in this class that surprised me was that if we are not listening to God, we are probably not listening to those around us either. In our technology driven world, face to face encounters and meaningful sharing from the heart can be rare. As a Franciscan Associate, I’m learning to step back from the busyness, slow down and take the time to listen when encountering others. One day in particular, God showed me how precious giving someone our attention is. While volunteering at the women’s shelter, I sat and carefully listened to a frightened teenage girl. As we were leaving the shelter, she ran up to us shaking, gripped my arm firmly and said with a desperate plea, “Please don’t leave until you have prayed for me.” We prayed right there in the hallway. Her body stopped quivering, a wonderful peace filled her, and a radiant smile appeared on her tear stained face. That day God spoke to both of us. Miracles can happen when we humbly listen and pray.

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