> A Reflection on Mercy: A Fresh Beginning

A Reflection on Mercy: A Fresh Beginning

Year of Mercy

by Sister Ellen McClure

New Year’s Day is full of resolutions, some of which don’t last the week! But a fresh beginning is both life giving and comforting — and cool! One way to start over is to let go of left over grudges from the past year – or maybe years. Letting go frees up room on our spiritual hard drives for things like love and mercy.

Mercy, by the way, is a two way street. It frees up the unforgiven person (especially if it can be expressed) and it brings joy to the person granting it.

Mercy is God-like and God, as all varieties of Scriptures tell us, is all about mercy. Mercy heals hearts and souls wherever it is granted. 2016 is a Year of Mercy, named so by Pope Francis. That will help many people pay attention to it. But, whoever you are or whatever faith you hold, mercy is healing and saving.

While mercy begins “at home,” it can extend toward wars and even terrorists. But, beginning small is usually best. By the way, showing mercy to yourself is a great place to begin.

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