> A Message Found in Popcorn

A Message Found in Popcorn


By Sister Rose Therese DiGregorio

Last night I was in the mood to watch a “I Love Lucy” movie and enjoy some freshly popped popcorn.  I followed the directions on the bag. The smell of the popcorn enhanced the mood for an evening set for laughter and relaxation! I thoroughly enjoyed both.

This morning I was eating the small amount of popcorn left in the bag and I began my reflection on different people who are like popcorn. The popcorn seeds looked pretty much the same but there was a BIG DIFFERENCE. Some seeds popped to their fullest potential and were oh so delicious and enjoyable!

Some seeds popped but NOT FULLY. And parts of them were hard and not chewable.

And THEN, there were some seeds that NEVER POPPED…never to be enjoyed! All the flavor and goodness remained inside never to be shared.

If we compare our life to the life of popcorn, it seems to me that this parable is self-explanatory. Some people open to their full potential for the honor and glory of God, living fully and gratefully and giving pleasure to everyone who “tastes” of their goodness.  Others reach only a part of their potential…others not at all.

God Bless you. I hope this reflection brings you delight and that we all open fully to the goodness inside us and share it with everyone we meet!