> A Love Letter to God

A Love Letter to God


by Sister Barbara Whelan OSF

“God is Love”

Dear God,

Since yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not promised, I want to write and thank you for being in my life, for all the love and blessings you have given me: my caring friends, the strength you give me each day and for all the people around me who make my life more meaningful.

Your Love is Your doing- whatever needs to be done, and sometimes at a cost. My nephew Michael passed away on Dec. 18, 2018, but not without receiving a treasure amid our sorrow. We prayed, and we cried for healing, but You gave us something more important and more satisfying.  You gave Michael Your Son in an unexpected celebration of Eucharist. Sometimes, I just stop and smile knowing that God knows best.

“With all my heart, I will tell of your wonderful deeds” Psalm 9:1


Sister Barbara Whelan